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Grade Entry Directions

Login to MyUTK by clicking on the word "LOGINS" in the upper right corner of this page.

You can get to Grade Entry using Self-Service Banner:

  • Click on the Self-Service Banner link on MyUTK.
  • Click Faculty and Advisors, Term Selection, select the appropriate term and click submit.
  • Click CRN Selection. Use the drop-down menu to select the course section you wish to submit grades and then click submit.
  • Click the Final Grades link. This link is only available during the Final Grade Entry period.
  • Start submitting your grades.

For a full list of the valid grading options and grade explanations go to One Stop Student Services.

Here are some things to notice in the upper portion of the page:

  • Confirmation information concerning education records. By submitting grades, you  agree to the terms in this policy.
  • Course Information. The course, CRN, and number of students registered
  • A reminder to submit grades often. There is a 30 minute time limit of inactivity. This line will say when your time limit starts. This line also appears at the bottom of the final grade page.
  • Grade submission messages. When grades are submitted, your message will appear here (ex. “Your grades were successfully submitted”, “Your grade submissions have been rejected”, etc).
  • Record sets (ex. 1-30, 31-60) that allow navigation to the next page(s) of students. Clicking on the next record set will automatically submit changes on the current record set before navigating to the next record set.

Here are some things to notice about the grade roll portion of the page:

  • The number of the student on the grade roll.
  • The student name-if the student has confidentiality, the word Confidential will appear under the student’s name.
  • The student ID#.
  • Credit hours for the course.
  • How and when the student registered for the course. Some students may have withdrawn or be auditing your CRN. That information will appear here. Audits and withdrawals are non-gradable registration statuses.
  • Grade selection drop-down box. Click the down arrow to choose a grade (IW is an incomplete due to insufficient writing skills. Students who earn this grade should contact the Writing Center.).
  • Rolled to academic history indicator (Y=rolled to history, N=not rolled).
  • A field to enter the student’s last attendance date. This date is not connected to the Title IV date of last attendance. You may enter this date on the final grade roll if the student earned a grade of F.
  • Attend hours are not required to be entered.
  • The registration number of the student.
  • An email icon that allows you to email the student.

Here are some important things to notice at the bottom of each grade entry page:

  • The record sets (ex., 1-10, 11-20) allow navigation to the next page(s) of records. Clicking on the next record set will automatically submit changes on the current record set before navigating to the next record set.
  • The submit button. It is very important to click on the submit button to submit grades or updates to grades. You may submit all or part of your grades on each page. After Final Grades closes for the term, you must submit grade changes in the usual way by submitting grade change forms.
  • The reset button will reset the form to clear all entries since the last submission.
  • To print your grades, click on the printer icon located in the upper right side of the form (above the big orange bar).

Assigning incomplete grades:

  • Submitting an incomplete grade will navigate to the incomplete final grades page. This page displays the incomplete grades that you have assigned for your CRN. Incomplete grades in Banner are assigned an incomplete extension date. This is the date when the incomplete will roll to an F or NC in academic history if no other grade change has been submitted. All incomplete extension dates are the same for all levels; one calendar year from the last day of the same term in the previous calendar year (last day of spring 2011 is 29 APR 2011, therefore the incomplete extension date is 29 APR 2012). There are no extension date constraints; if there is no grade change prior to the extension date, the incomplete will roll to F or NC in one year.
  • Notice the three buttons at the bottom of the incomplete final grade screen. By clicking submit, the incomplete grade will go to the final grade roll. Although the incomplete grade has been submitted, you may change the grade at any time on the final grades page during the grade entry period. Clicking cancel will cancel the incomplete grade, navigate back to the final grade roll, and allow you to assign another grade for the student. Since there is nothing to reset on the incomplete final grade screen, clicking reset continues to display the incomplete information for your students.

Last Date of Attendance (LDA)

  • This last date of attendance is in no way connected to Title IV last date of attendance. Our office will use the last date of attendance submitted on the grade roll for appeals, re-certifications, etc.
  • Withdrawn courses and audit courses are not gradable and no last attendance date is required for those registration statuses.

Banner accepts a last date of attendance in this format: mm/dd/yyyy. Any other format will be rejected. Below are some examples of error messages for invalid dates:

Submitting a last date of attendance that is greater than current date and is greater than the ending term date results in the messages:

  • “Your grade submissions have been rejected”
  • “Last attendance date must be within the section start date and section end date”
  • “Last attendance date cannot be greater that the current date”

The system will not delete the date in error and will not delete the grade submitted. Please check your grade roll carefully for date errors, correct the errors, and resubmit.

Submitting a last date of attendance that is less than the term start date results in the error message:

  • “Last attend date cannot be earlier than the first class date”. The system will remove the date from the LDA box but retains the grade. You will need to resubmit a valid date within the term start and end dates.

The Office of the University Registrar

209 Student Services Building - Knoxville, TN 37996-0200
Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, except holidays.


Telephone calls for the Office of the University Registrar are answered by One Stop Student Services (865-974-1111) located at Hodges Library Ground Floor, 1015 Volunteer Boulevard. To contact University Registrar staff please refer to Staff Listing.




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