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Academic Second Opportunity

Frequently Asked Questions

What determines my eligibility to file a petition?

You are eligible if you . . .

How does approval affect my academic record?

All original grades completed in your previous attendance remain on your transcript, but they are not included in your GPA calculation. Your new GPA is based on grades you earn following readmission.

When you earned a grade of A, B, or C in your previous attendance, it is computed as satisfactory and may still be counted toward your degree. A grade of D in your previous attendance may no longer be counted toward your degree.

How do I petition for Academic Second Opportunity?

For the appropriate contact, consult the list of college advising centers.

How is a final decision made?

Decisions on granting Academic Second Opportunity are made by committee. The chairperson of the committee is responsible for informing the student of the committee's decision.

If I am awarded ASO and meet the GPA requirement, am I eligible for honors?

To meet the minimum qualifications for honors, you must complete at least 60 hours between your return to the University of Tennessee and graduation.

What if I have earned a degree at another school since I attended UT?

If hours you earned during your previous attendance have already been applied toward the completion of an awarded degree from a four-year institution, the University of Tennessee will not grant you an ASO.

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