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Lottery Scholarship Grade Point Average Calculator



If you are a Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship recipient, the grade point average calculator below may assist you in determining your eligibility to continue to receive the scholarship.

This GPA calculator is provided for recipients of TELS only as a guide in determining continuing scholarship eligibility. It is important to remember that the GPA to determine TELS eligibility is calculated differently from UT's GPA. Click here for details.

How to use the TELS calculator

To use the GPA calculator, follow the steps listed below to determine the GPA you need to earn during your next semester of enrollment.

STEP 1 - Obtain a copy of your Academic History Report from MyUTK.

STEP 2 - Look on your Academic History Report and find the grade summary statement.

Qlty Pts
HOPE Total

STEP 3 - In the blanks below, enter:

  • The total number of graded (A-F) hours you have attempted (listed under the column labeled "GPA hours"),
  • Your current TELS cumulative GPA (listed under "GPA"), and
  • The TELS cumulative GPA you need to achieve in order to retain your scholarship (2.75 or 3.00). Note - The "TELS Total" is used to determine the point at which your GPA will be reviewed for progress (24, 48, 72, 96, and 120 hours).

Then click the "Calculate" button. The computer will calculate how many hours you must complete and the GPA you must achieve in order to reach your desired TELS GPA.


TELS Calculator

Enter Your Numbers from
your Academic History
Report Below
Number of Graded (A-F)
Attempted Hours (Attmpt):
(e.g. 40)
Current TELS
Grade Point Average (GPA):
(e.g. 2.50)
Desired TELS Grade Point Average:
(2.75 or 3.0)



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