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Special Course Descriptions

Course Description Codes


*Technology-Enhanced Courses (TE)

Technology-enhanced courses are delivered using a hybrid of modalities.

Limited Classroom Attendance
While these courses generally do not require regularly scheduled classroom attendance, residence sessions may be required for examinations or to conduct labs, seminars, or provide specialized instruction as appropriate to the course.

Online Learning Activities
These courses have highly interactive on-line learning activities with a cohort group, including discussion, groups projects, or other exercises that stimulate critical thinking and concept application.

Communication Modes with Instructor and Other Students
The student will complete the course requirements and keep in touch with the instructor and classmates using a variety of communication modes including, for example, e-mail, interactive compressed video conferencing, videotapes, computer and video conferencing, internet/world wide web resources, printed materials, postal service, fax, and telephone. Course information regarding delivery modality(s), technology and computer competency requirement, weekly online commitments, and scheduled residency or synchronous class sessions will be available to the student.

These courses have specific start and end dates, generally within the traditional semester framework. The faculty/institution have primary control over the pace of the course.

The courses carry the same academic credits as traditional courses offered in a face-to-face format and may be used toward total credit hours for tuition purposes.


**Tennessee Online Courses (TN)

Tennessee online courses are those that use web-based components as the principle means of distributing information and creating and managing interactions.

Communication with Instructor and Cohort Group
Communication and interaction is via e-mail and discussion forums with an instructor and cohort group.

Interactive Online Activities in Asynchronous Format
Highly interactive online activities are carried out in an asynchronous format, meaning students can log on to, read and post online messages at any time during the defined activity period.

These courses generally follow the university calendar and meet the same credit stipulations as on-campus courses.


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Telephone calls for the Office of the University Registrar are answered by One Stop Student Services (865-974-1111) located at Hodges Library Ground Floor, 1015 Volunteer Boulevard. To contact University Registrar staff please refer to Staff Listing.


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