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Office of the University Registrar

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Residency Classification Guide

Below are links to the eight paragraphs of the Residency Classification Guide:

  1. Intent
  2. Definitions
  3. Rules for Determination Status
  4. Out-of-State Students Who Are Not Required to Pay Out-of-State Tuition
  5. Presumption
  6. Evidence To Be Considered for Establishment of Domicile
  7. Appeal
  8. Effective Date for Reclassification

Residency Classification Guide PDF (print version)

These regulations supersede all regulations concerning classification of persons for fees and tuition and admissions purposes previously filed prior to May 27, 1986 and effective prior to August 12, 1986.


To help you understand residency regulations at the University of Tennessee Knoxville see the section Frequently Asked Questions.



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Anne Smethers - Undergraduate Students

Carla Poore - Graduate Students

Janet Hatcher - College of Law Students

Deborah Shepherd - College of Veterinary Medicine Students