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Student Residency Classification for the Purpose of Paying University Fees and for Admission Purposes

Initial residency classification is determined by admissions staff from information submitted on the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Application for Undergraduate Admission. Notice of classification is sent at the time the applicant is notified of admission. Undergraduate students who would like their residency classification reconsidered may submit an appeal to the residency classification officer. The application for reclassification with supporting documentation must be filed no later than the last day of registration in order to have the reclassification effective for the semester. Classification will be determined and the applicant will be notified by mail. For additional information regarding the State of Tennessee regulations for classification see links at right.


The State of Tennessee establishes student residency regulations.

Basically, the regulations state that:

  1. Students receiving parental support are classified according to parental domicile.
  2. An emancipated student independent of parents may establish in-state classification by producing clear and convincing evidence of Tennessee domicile. Proof must be provided that the move to Tennessee was not primarily for obtaining educational opportunities for themselves, dependents, or spouse.

To help you understand residency regulations at the University of Tennessee Knoxville see the section Frequently Asked Questions.

For complete details, please see The Residency Classification Guide.

Appeal for In-State Classification
Students classified as out-of-state, or whose status is unclear, may submit an application for residency reclassification. The deadline for submission of the application and supporting documentation is on or before the last day of regular registration.  The residency classification officer will review the appeal and send a written response by mail. Additional steps are available in the appeal process.



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