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What GPA do I need to transfer to the University of Tennessee?
Students needing transfer admissions information should check the Admissions website.

Do my D's transfer to UT?
Transfer credit will be granted for courses in which a grade of “D-” or better was earned by students who are admitted or readmitted Fall Semester 2013.

I made a D in a course last semester, I plan to retake it at a local community college; how will this change my UT GPA?
Grades earned in courses taken at other institutions will be recorded on the permanent record at UTK, but they are not averaged with grades earned at UT.

What kind of credit do I receive for my developmental courses?
Developmental and remedial courses are not transferable and will not count toward your degree.

I received AP credit in high school that is accepted at my current school, will I receive the same credit at UT?
Once you have been accepted at the University of Tennessee and we have received official College Board reports for your AP credit, we will award the appropriate credit based on UT departmental guidelines.

I am transferring 70 hours from a local community college, do all of these hours count toward my degree at UT?
You must complete 60 hours of credit offered for the bachelor's degree at an accredited senior college (four-year institution).

How does UT convert my present quarter hours into semester hours?
UT divides the quarter hours by 1.5. For example, if you have earned 6 quarter hours they will be converted to 4 semester hours.

I have been to a variety of schools and I have 25 hours needed to complete a bachelor's degree. Will UT accept all of my previous hours?
UT accepts credit from accredited colleges, but you must complete the last 30 hours of credit for the bachelor's degree in residence at the University of Tennessee.

Can I transfer courses that I am currently working on?
Yes. Make sure you send official transcripts once you successfully complete the course(s).

My transcript evaluation has LD and UD, what does that designate?
If UT does not have a direct course equivalent for your 100 or 200 level work, UT awards lower division (LD) credit without a specific course number.

If UT does not have a direct course equivalent for your 300 or 400 level work, UT awards upper division (UD) credit without a specific course number.

The student's academic department determines through the petition process how the undesignated credit (LD) (UD) is used towards graduation requirements.

How do I petition an LD or UD course?
Check with your college advising center or major advisor about the petition process. Some of the advising centers have petition guidelines at their websites.

What is my class standing?
Undergraduate students are classified according to the number of semester hours passed. All programs except Architecture.

I am a current UT student and I want to take a course this summer at another college, how do I know if the course is accepted at UT?
Check the transfer student welcome page and complete the Course Equivalency Form.

Can a transfer evaluator tell me what courses I need to take to complete my general education requirement this summer?
You need to speak with your advisor about curriculum choices.

I am a current UT student who is studying abroad, how do I transfer these courses back to UT?
We need an official transcript from your institution. Spring semester work will be evaluated on or before October 1 and fall semester work will be evaluated by March 1.

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Telephone calls for the Office of the University Registrar are answered by One Stop Express Student Services Center (865-974-1111) located at Hodges Library Ground Floor, 1015 Volunteer Boulevard. To contact University Registrar staff please refer to Staff Listing.


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