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Transfer Agreement

Dyersburg State Community College
Course Equivalency Tables

Following are the course equivalencies the University of Tennessee and Dyersburg State Community College have agreed upon. Please be sure to read the Course Equivalencies Policy Statement. Courses without an exact equivalent to UTK may also transfer with the designated LD (lower division course credit) or UD (upper division course credit).

For additional information concerning transfer credit evaluation or admission as a transfer student, please contact the Office of the University Registrar at (865) 946-3864.

Tables are arranged in alphabetical order by department.










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Dyersburg State Community College
University of Tennessee
UTK Gen Ed Requirement

ACCT 1010 Principles of Accounting I ACCT LD
ACCT 1020 Principles of Accounting II ACCT LD (if both 1010 & 1020=ACCT 200)
All Remaining Courses No Credit

AOS 108 Word No Credit  
AOS 205 Records & Info Management No Credit  
AOS 212 Desktop Publishing No Credit  
AOS 221 Business & Office Communications ENGL 295 Business & Technical Writing Communicating through Writing
(All Remaining Courses) No Credit  

AGRI 1010 Introduction to Agri Business AREC 212 The Agribusiness Firm  
AGRI 1020 Intro to Animal Science ANSC 160 Intro to Animal Science  
AGRI 1030 Intro to Plant Sciences PLSC LD  
AGRI 1050 Introduction to Soil Science ESS 210 Introduction to Soil Science  
AGRI 2010 Career Planning AREC LD  
AGRI 2040 Introduction to Pesticides ESS LD  
ART 1030 Art Appreciation ART LD (No credit in ARTH)  
ARTH 2010 Art History Survey I ARTH 172 Western Art I Arts and Humanities
ARTH 2020 Art History Survey II ARTH 173 Western Art II Arts and Humanities

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BIOL 1110 General Biology I BIOL LD  
BIOL 1120 General Biology II BIOL LD (Complete both BIOL 1110-1120, then credit for BIOL 101-102 or 150-159) Natural Sciences
BIOL 2010 Human Anatomy & Phys I EEB LD  
BIOL 2020 Human Anatomy & Phys II BCMB LD Credit (If both 2010 & 2020 are taken, BCMB 230 & EEB 240  
BIOL 2130 General Ecology BIOL 260 Ecology and BIOL 269 Ecology Field-Based Lab  
BIOL 2230 Microbiology MICR 210 Allied Health Microbiology Natural Sciences
BIOL 2330 Environmental Monitoring BIOL LD  
BIOL 2430 Introductory Genetics BIOL 240 General Genetics  

BUSN 1305 Introduction to Business (Former course: BUS 110) BUAD LD  
BUSN 1370 Spreadsheet Applications BUAD 242 Business Software Applications  
BUSN 2330 Principles of Management MGT 201 Introduction to Business Management  
BUSN 2370 Legal Environment of Business (Former course: BUS 201, BUS 202) BULW LD  
BUSN 2380 Principles of Marketing MARK LD   
All Remaining Courses No Credit  

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CHEM 1030 Intro to Chemistry No Credit  
CHEM 1110, 1120 General Chemistry I, II CHEM 120, 130 General Chemistry Natural Sciences
CHEM 2010, 2020 Organic Chemistry I, II CHEM 350, 360 Organic Chemistry (If both 2010 & 2020 complete then credit for CHEM lab 369)  

COL 101 The College Experience: Teamwork FYS LD  


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ECED 1010 Introduction to Early Childhood Education CFS LD  
ECED 1310 Introduction to Early Childhood Education CFS LD  
ECED 2010 Safe, Healthy Learning Environment CFS LD  
ECED 2020 Infant, Toddler, and Child Development CFS LD (If both ECED 2010 & 2020 completed, then credit for CFS 211)  
ECED 2090 Creative Development CFS LD  
ECED 2100 The Mentoring Teacher No Credit  
ECED 2160 Positive Guidance and Communication in the Early Childhood Setting CFS LD  
ECED 2320 Infant, Toddler, Child Development CFS LD  
ECED 2340 Family Dynamics and Community Involvement CFS LD  
ECED 2360 Development of Exceptional Children CFS LD  

ECON 2010 Macroeconomics ECON LD  
ECON 2020 Microeconomics ECON LD (if both 2010/2020 are taken ECON 201) Social Sciences

EDU 260 Educational Psychology EDPY 210 Psychoeducational Issues in Human Development Social Sciences


ENGL 1010, 1020 Composition I, II ENGL 101, 102 English Composition I, II Communicating through Writing
ENGL 1040 Technical Writing ENGL LD  
ENGL 2110, 2120 American Literature I, II ENGL 231 Amer Lit I: Colonial Era to the Civil War, English 232 Amer Lit II: Civil War to the Present Arts & Humanities
ENGL 2210, 2220 English Literature I, II ENGL 201 British Lit I: Beowulf through Johnson; English 202 British Lit II: Wordsworth to the Present Arts & Humanities
ENGL 2310, 2320 World Literature I, II ENGL 221 Lit of the West World I: Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance; English 222 Lit of the West World II: Enlightenment, Romantic, and Modern Arts & Humanities
ENGL 2530 African-American Literature ENGL 233 Major Black Writers Arts & Humanities
ENGL 2630 Advanced Composition/ Creative Writing ENGL LD  

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FINANCE (FIN) (All Courses - No Credit)

FREN 1010, 1020 Beginning French I, II FREN 111, 112 Elementary French  

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GEOG 2010 World Regional Geography GEOG 101 World Geography Social Sciences

All Courses GERM LD (See German Department for Placement)  

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HED 101 Personal Health No Credit  
HED 200 First Aid & Standard Safety No Credit  
HED 202 Principles of Nutrition NUTR 100 Introductory Nutrition Natural Sciences


HIST 1110, 1120 World Civilization I, II HIST 261, 262 A History of World Civilization Cultures & Civilizations
HIST 2010, 2020 American History I, II HIST 221, 222 History of the US  
HIST 2030 Tennessee History HIST LD  
HIST 2040 African-American History AFST 201 Introduction to African-American Studies Social Sciences

HUM 100 Humanities in Life Humanities LD Credit  
HUM 101 Humanities in the US Humanities LD Credit  

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JST 101 Intro to Criminal Justice SOCI LD  
JST 201 Intro to Corrections SOCI LD  
(All Remaining Courses) No Credit  

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MANAGEMENT (MGT) (All Courses - No Credit)

MIS 111 Intro to Computers No Credit  
MIS 160 Excel Spreadsheets Appl No Credit  
MIS 260 Communications Technology No Credit  
(All Remaining Courses) No Credit  

MKT 101,102 Marketing I, II No Credit  
MKT 201 Salesmanship No Credit  
MKT 210 Retail Management No Credit  
MKT 220 Sales Management No Credit  

MATH 0990 Intro to Geometry No Credit  
MATH 1020 Math for Nurses No Credit  
MATH 1030 Applied Mathematics MATH 123 Finite Mathematics Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 1410 Concepts of Modern Math I MATH LD  
MATH 1420 Concepts of Modern Math II MATH 202 Probability, Statistics & Euclidean Geometry Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 1530 Elem Probability & Statistics MATH 115 Statistical Reasoning Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 1630 Finite Math MATH 123 Finite Math Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 1710 College Algebra MATH 119 College Algebra  
MATH 1720 College Trigonometry MATH LD (If both 1710 and 1720 are completed, 130)  
MATH 1830 Elementary Calculus MATH 125 Basic Calculus Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 1910 Calculus & Analytical Geometry I MATH 141 Calculus I Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 1920 Calculus & Analytical Geometry II MATH LD (If 1920 & 2110 completed then credit for MATH 142 & 241) Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 2010 Linear Algebra MATH 251 Matrix Algebra I  
MATH 2110 Calculus & Analytical Geometry III MATH 241 Calculus III  
MATH 2120 Introduction to Differential Equations MATH 231 Differential Equations I  


MUS 1010 Music Theory and Harmony I MUTH LD  
MUS 1020 Music Theory and Harmony II MUTH LD  
MUS 1030 Music Appreciation MUCO 110 Introduction to Music in Western Culture Arts and Humanities
MUS 2010 Adv Music Theory & Harmony I MUTH LD  
MUS 2020 Adv Music Theory & Harmony II MUTH LD  
MUS 2110 Masterpieces of Music I MUCO LD  
MUS 2120 Masterpieces of Music II MUCO LD (If both 2110 & 2120 are taken, MUCO 110) Arts and Humanities

MUSIC, APPLIED (Private Lessons)
MUS 110 Piano MUPF LD  
MUS 114 Organ MUPF LD  
MUS 118 French Horn MUPF LD  
MUS 122 Trumpet MUPF LD  
MUS 126 Trombone MUPF LD  
MUS 130 Euphonium MUPF LD  
MUS 134 Tuba MUPF LD  
MUS 138 Percussion MUPF LD  
MUS 142 Violin MUPF LD  
MUS 146 Cello MUPF LD  
MUS 150 String Bass MUPF LD  
MUS 154 Guitar MUPF LD  
MUS 158 Flute MUPF LD  
MUS 162 Oboe MUPF LD  
MUS 166 Clarinet MUPF LD  
MUS 170 Bassoon MUPF LD  
MUS 174 Saxophone MUPF LD  
MUS 178 Voice MUPF LD  

MUS 182 Chorus MUEN LD  
MUS 188 Jazz Choir MUEN LD  
MUS 190 Opera Theatre MUEN LD  
MUS 194 Orchestra MUEN LD  

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NURSING (NS) (All Courses - LD Credit)

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ORIENTATION (ORN) (All Courses - No Credit)

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PHIL 1030 Introduction to Philosophy PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy Arts and Humanities
PHIL 1040 Intro to Ethics PHIL LD  
PHIL 1050 Intro Logic PHIL 130 Critical Thinking Quantitative Reasoning
PHIL 2030 Survey of World Religions REST 101 World Religions Cultures and Civilizations

PED 101 Intro to Physical Education RSM LD Credit  
PED 202 Athletic Coaching-Baseball RSM LD Credit  
PED 203 Sports Officiating RSM LD Credit  

PHED 1010 (formerly PED 211) Bowling PYED 206 Bowling  
PHED 1020 (formerly PED 112) Conditioning Exercises PYED 224 Conditioning  
PHED 1030 (formerly PED 113) Racquetball PYED 232 Racquetball I  
PHED 1040 (formerly PED 114) Aerobics PYED 225 Exercise to Music  
PHED 1050 (formerly PED 115) Basketball No Credit  
PHED 1060 (formerly PED 212) Volleyball PYED 251 Volleyball  
PHED 1070 (formerly PED 117) Tennis PYED 244 Beginning Tennis  
PHED 1080 (formerly PED 213 Softball PYED 236 Softball  
PHED 1090 (formerly PED 119) Golf PYED 211 Golf  
PHED 1110 (formerly PED 215) Jogging PYED 229 Jogging  
PHED 1120 (formerly PED 217) Badminton PYED 202 Badminton  
PHED 1130 (formerly PED 219) Weight Training PYED 252 Weight Training  
PHED 2010 (formerly PED 151) Varsity Baseball No Credit  
PHED 2020 (formerly PED 161) Varsity Basketball No Credit  
PHED 2040 (formerly PED 141) Varsity Softball PYED 236 Softball  
PHED 2070 (formerly PED 227) Wellness & Phys Activity I KNS LD Credit  
PHED 2080 (formerly PED 228) Wellness & Phys Activity II No Credit  

PHS 1110, 1120 Physical Science I, II PHYS LD  

PHYS 2010 (formerly PHY 211) & PHYS 2020 (formerly PHY 212) General Physics I, II PHYS 221, 222 Elements of Physics Natural Sciences

POLS 1030 American Government POLS 101 US Govt & Politics Social Sciences

PSYC 1030 General Psychology PSYC 110 General Psychology Social Sciences
PSYC 2120 Social Psychology PSYC LD  
PSYC 2130 Life Span Psychology CFS 210 Human Development Social sciences

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SWRK 2010 Introduction to Social Work SOWK 200 Introduction to Social Work  

SOCI 1010 Intro to Sociology SOCI 120 General Sociology Social Sciences
SOCI 1020 (formerly 120) Social Problems SOCI 110 Social Problems & Social Change Social Sciences
SOCI 2010 Marriage & Family CFS 220 Marriage & Family: Roles & Relationships Social Sciences

SPAN 1010, 1020 Beginning Spanish I, II SPAN 111, 112 Elementary Spanish  
SPAN 1030 (formerly SPA 150) Intro to the Spanish Language & Culture No Credit  
SPAN 2010, 2020 (formerly SPA 201,202) Intermediate Spanish I, II SPAN 211, 212 Intermediate Spanish Cultures and Civilizations

SPCH 1010 Fundamentals of Speech CMST 210 Public Speaking Communicating Orally

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THEA 1030 (formerly THE 110) Intro to Theatre THEA 100 Intro to Theatre Arts and Humanities

THE 235 Acting I THEA 220 Acting  
THE 236 Acting II THEA 221 Acting  
(All Remaining Courses) No Credit