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Course Equivalency

University of Tennessee - Chattanooga
Course Equivalency Tables

Following are the course equivalencies the University of Tennessee and the University of Tennessee - Chattanooga have agreed upon. Please be sure to read the Course Equivalencies Policy Statement. Courses without an exact equivalent to UTK may also transfer with the designated LD (lower division course credit) or UD (upper division course credit).

For additional information concerning transfer credit evaluation or admission as a transfer student, please contact the Office of the University Registrar at (865) 946-3864.

Tables are arranged in alphabetical order by department.










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University of Tennessee - Chattanooga
University of Tennessee
UTK Gen Ed Requirement

ACC 2010 Principles of Accounting I ACCT LD
ACC 2020 Principles of Accounting II ACCT LD (If both 2010 & 2020 are taken, ACCT 200)

ANTH 1200 Cultural Anthropology ANTH 130 Cultural Anthropology Social Sciences
ANTH 1400 Archaeology ANTH 120 Prehistoric Archaeology Cultures & Civilizations

ART 1010 Visual Studies I: Form 2D ART 101 Introduction to Studio Art I  
ART 1020 Visual Studies II: Form 3D ART 103 Introduction to Studio Art II  
ART 1050 Drawing I ARTA 211 Drawing I  
ART 1060 Drawing II ARTA LD  
ART 1110 Introduction to Art ARTH LD  
ART 2070 Painting I ARTA 213 Painting I: Introduction  
ART 2520 Painting II ARTA LD  
ART 2140 The History of Western Art from Prehistoric through Medieval ARTH 172 Western Art I Arts & Humanities
ART 2150 The History of Western Art from the Renaissance to the Present ARTH 173 Western Art II Arts & Humanities
ART 2330 Sculpture I ARTB 241 Beginning Sculpture  
ART 2440 Ceramics I ARTB 221 Ceramic Sculpture  
ART 2530 Introduction to Printmaking ARTA 264 Screen Printing I  
ART 2810 Photography I ARTA 231 Photography I  
ART 2820 Photography II ARTA LD  

ASTR 1010 Introduction to Astronomy-The Solar System ASTR 151 A Journey through the Solar System Lecture Natural Sciences
ASTR 1010L Astronomy Lab-The Solar System ASTR 153 A Journey through the Solar System Lab Natural Sciences w/lab if ASTR 151 completed
ASTR 1020 Introduction to Astronomy-Stars to Galaxies ASTR 152 Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology Lecture Natural Sciences
ASTR 1020L Astronomy Lab-Stars to Galaxies ASTR 154 Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology Lab Natural Sciences w/lab if ASTR 152 completed

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BIOL 1110 Principles of Biology I BIOL 101 Introduction to Biology: Cells, Genetics, & Physiology Natural Sciences
BIOL 1120 Principles of Biology II BIOL 102 Introduction to Biology: Biodiversity and Ecology Natural Sciences
BIOL 1130 Principles of Biology BIOL LD  
No Credit BIOL 160 Cellular and Molecular Biology  
BIOL 2060 Functional Human Anatomy EEB 240 Human Anatomy  
BIOL 2080 Human Physiology BCMB 230 Human Physiology  
BIOL 2100 Microbiology and Health MICR 210 Allied Health Microbiology Natural Sciences

BUS 3350 Legal Environment of Business BULW 301 Legal Environment of Business  

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CHEM 1110 General Chemistry I CHEM LD  
CHEM 1110L General Chemistry Lab CHEM LD (If both 1110 & 1110L taken, then CHEM 120 General Chemistry) Natural Sciences
CHEM 1120 General Chemistry II CHEM LD  
CHEM 1120L General Chemistry II Lab CHEM LD (If both 1120 & 1120L are taken, CHEM 130 General Chemistry) Natural Sciences
CHEM 3010 Organic Chemistry I CHEM 350 Organic Chemistry I  
CHEM 3020 Organic Chemistry II CHEM 360 Organic Chemistry II  
CHEM 3010L Organic Chemistry I Lab CHEM UD  
CHEM 3020L Organic Chemistry II Lab CHEM UD (If both 3010L & 3020L are taken, CHEM 369)  

COMM 1010 Introduction to Mass Communications JREM 175 Principles and History of JREM  
COMM 2300 Media Writing I JREM LD  
COMM 2310 Media Writing II JREM LD  
COMM 2710 Introduction to Public Relations PBRL LD  

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ECON 1010 Prin of Economics: Macroeconomics ECON LD  
ECON 1020 Prin of Economics: Microeconomics ECON LD (If both 1010 & 1020 completed, ECON 201 Intro Economics: A Survey Course)  
ECON 3240 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory ECON UD  

ENGL 1010 Rhetoric and Composition I ENGL 101 English Composition I Communicating through Writing
ENGL 1020 Rhetoric and Composition II ENGL 102 English Composition II Communicating through Writing
ENGL 2110 American Lit to 1855 ENGL 231 American Literature I Arts & Humanities
ENGL 2120 American Lit from 1855 ENGL 232 American Literature II Arts & Humanities

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FREN 1010 Elementary French I FREN 111 Elementary French I  
FREN 1020 Elementary French II FREN 112 Elementary French II  
FREN 2110 Intermediate French for Conversation I FREN 211 Intermediate French I Cultures & Civilizations
FREN 2120 Intermediate French for Conversation II FREN 212 Intermediate French II Cultures & Civilizations
FREN 2130 Intermediate French for Reading I FREN LD  
FREN 2140 Intermediate French for Reading II FREN LD  

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GNSC 1110-1110L The Physical Environment: Atoms to Galaxies & Lab Physical Science LD Credit  
GNSC 1150 Science and Sociology Physical Science LD Credit  

GEOG 1030 World Geography GEOG 101 World Geography Social Sciences

GEOL 1110 Physical Geology GEOL LD  
GEOL 1110L Physical Geology Lab GEOL LD (if both 1110 & 1110L are taken, GEOL 101 The Dynamic Earth) Natural Sciences
GEOL 1120 Historical Geology GEOL LD  
GEOL 1120L Historical Geology & Lab GEOL LD (if both 1120 & 1120L are taken, GEOL 102 Earth, Life, and Time) Natural Sciences

GER 1010 Elementary German I GERM 111 Elementary German I  
GER 1020 Elementary German II GERM 112 Elementary German II  
GER 2110 Intermediate German for Conversation I GERM 211 Intermediate German I Cultures & Civilizations
GER 2120 Intermediate German for Conversation II GERM 212 Intermediate German II Cultures & Civilizations

GRK 1010 Elementary Greek I CLAS 121 Beginning Greek  
GRK 1020 Elementary Greek II CLAS 122 Beginning Greek  

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HHP 0029 Beginning Bowling PYED 206 Bowling  
HHP 0030 Beginning Golf PYED 211 Golf  
HHP 0031 Beginning Racquetball PYED 232 Racquetball I  
HHP 0037 Beginning Tennis PYED 244 Beginning Tennis  
HHP 0038 Beginning Badminton PYED 202 Badminton  
HHP 0040 Beginning Conditioning and Weight Training PYED 252 Weight Training  
HHP 0047 Beginning Jogging/Running for Fitness PYED 229 Jogging  
HHP 0055 Walking for Fitness PYED 231 Walking  

HIST 1010 World Civilizations I: World History from the Origins to c. 1000 HIST LD  
HIST 1020 World Civilizations II: World History from c. 1000 to 1800 HIST LD (Complete both HIST 1010 & HIST 1020, then credit for HIST 261) Cultures & Civilizations
HIST 1030 World Civilizations III: World History from c. 1800 to the Present HIST LD (Complete both HIST 1020 & HIST 1030, then credit for HIST 262.  Complete HIST 1010, 1020, & 1030, then credit for HIST 261 & HIST 262.) Cultures & Civilizations
HIST 2010 United States History to 1865 HIST 221 History of the United States  
HIST 2020 United States History Since 1865 HIST 222 History of the United States  

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LAT 1010 Elementary Latin I CLAS 111 Beginning Latin  
LAT 1020 Elementary Latin II CLAS 112 Beginning Latin  
LAT 2010 Intermediate Latin I CLAS 251 Intermediate Latin Cultures & Civilizations
LAT 2020 Intermediate Latin I CLAS 252 Intermediate Latin Cultures & Civilizations

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MGT 1000 Computers in Business MGT LD  
MGT 2110 Statistical Methods for Business I STAT LD  

MATH 1005 Elementary Algebra No Credit  
MATH 1006 Intermediate Algebra No Credit  
MATH 1010 Mathematics in Our Modern World MATH 113 Mathematical Reasoning Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 1130 College Algebra MATH 119 College Algebra  
MATH 1710 Precalculus I MATH 119 College Algebra  
MATH 1720 Precalculus II MATH LD (If both 1710 & 1720 taken, credit MATH 130)  
MATH 1730 Combined Precalculus  MATH 130 Precalculus I  
MATH 1830 Calculus for Management, Life, Social Sciences MATH 125 Basic Calculus Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 1910 Calculus I MATH LD  
MATH 1910 & MATH 1911 Calculus I & Lab MATH 141 Calculus I Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 1920 Calculus II MATH LD  
MATH 1920 & MATH 1921 Calculus II & Lab MATH 142 Calculus II Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 1950 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I MATH 141 Calculus I Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 1960 Calculus with Analytic Geometry II MATH 142 Calculus II Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 2200 Elementary Linear Algebra MATH 251 Matrix Algebra I  
MATH 2450 Intro to Differential and Difference Equations MATH 231 Differential Equations I  
MATH 2560 Calculus with Analytic Geometry III MATH 241  

MUS 1110 Intro to Music Music History 110 Intro to Music in Western Culture Cultures & Civilizations

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PHIL 2010 Intro to Philosophy PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy Arts and Humanities
PHIL 2110 Logic, Language, & Evidence PHIL 130 Critical Thinking Quantitative Reasoning
PHIL 2210 Introduction to Ethics PHIL LD  
PHIL 4250 Ethics and Professions PHIL UD  

PHYS 1030 & PHYS 1030L General Physics & Lab PHYS 221 Elements of Physics Natural Sciences
PHYS 1040 & PHYS 1040L General Physics & Lab PHYS 222 Elements of Physics Natural Sciences
PHYS 2310 & PHYS 2310L Principles of Physics-Electricity and Magnetism PHYS 231 Fund of Physics: Electricity and Magnetism Natural Sciences

POLS 1010 American Government POLS 101 U.S. Govt & Politics Social Sciences
POLS 1030 Controversies in Public Policy POLS LD  

PSY 1010 Intro to Psychology PSYC 110 General Psychology Social Sciences

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REL 1030 Introduction to the Study of Religion REST 101 World Religions in History Cultures & Civilizations

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SOC 1250 Sociology of Social Problems SOCI 110 Social Justice & Social Change Social Sciences
SOC 1510 Intro to Sociology SOCI 120 Intro to Sociology Social Sciences
SOC 2150 The Sociology of the Family CFS 220 Marriage and Family: Roles and Relationships Social Sciences

SPAN 1010 Elementary Spanish I SPAN 111 Elementary Spanish  
SPAN 1020 Elementary Spanish II SPAN 112 Elementary Spanish  
SPAN 2110 Intermediate Spanish for Conversation I SPAN 211 Intermediate Spanish Cultures & Civilizations
SPAN 2120 Intermediate Spanish for Conversation II SPAN 212 Intermediate Spanish Cultures & Civilizations

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THSP 1090 Public Speaking CMST 210 Public Speaking Communicating Orally
THSP 1110 Intro to the Theatre THEA 100 Intro to Theatre Arts & Humanities
THSP 2100 Interpersonal Communication CMST LD  
THSP 2800 Introduction to Film CNST 281 Introduction to Film Studies