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Transfer Agreement

Walters State Community College
Course Equivalency Tables

Following are the course equivalencies the University of Tennessee and Walters State Community College have agreed upon. Please be sure to read the Course Equivalencies Policy Statement. Courses without an exact equivalent to UTK may also transfer with the designated LD (lower division course credit) or UD (upper division course credit).

For additional information concerning transfer credit evaluation or admission as a transfer student, please contact the Office of the University Registrar at (865) 974-3864.

Tables are arranged in alphabetical order by department.










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Walters State Community College
University of Tennessee
UTK Gen Ed Requirement

ACCT 1010 Principles of Accounting I ACCT LD  
ACCT 1020 Principles of Accounting II ACCT LD (if both 1010/1020=ACCT 200)  
ACCT 2110 Introductory Accounting I ACCT LD  
ACCT 2120 Introductory Accounting II ACCT LD  
(All Remaining Courses) No Credit  

AGRI 1010 Intro to AG Business AREC 212 The Agribusiness Firm  
AGRI 1020, 1021 Intro to Animal Science ANSC 160 Introduction to Animal Science  
AGRI 1030, 1031 Intro to Plant Science PLSC LD  
AGRI 1050, 1051 Intro to Soil Science ESS 210 Intro to Soil Science  
AGRM 1020 Intro Turfgrass Management PLSC LD  
AGRM 1030 Adv Turf Management PLSC LD  
AGRM 1040 Pest Management AGNR LD  
AGRM 1050 Turf Power Equipment AGNR LD  
AGRM 1060 Golf Course Irrigation PLSC LD  
AGRM 1120 Beef Cattle Management ANSC LD  
AGRM 1130 Horse Management ANSC LD  
AGRM 1140 Horsemanship ANSC LD  
AGRM 1150 Advanced Horsemanship ANSC LD  
AGRM 1160 Livestock Management Apprenticeship ANSC LD  
AGRM 1170 Livestock Event Management ANSC LD  
AGRM 1180 Advance Livestock Management ANSC LD  
AGRM 1410 Environmental Horticulture PLSC LD  
AGRM 1420, 1421 Fruit and Vegetable Prod ESS LD (If 1410, 1420, & 1421 are taken, 210)
AGRM 1440, 1441 Interior Landscaping PLSC 230 Interior Plantscaping  
AGRM 1510, 1511 Basic Landscape Plants PLSC 220 Basic Landscape Plants
AGRM 1520, 1521 Supp Landscape and Herb Plants PLSC LD  
AGRM 1610, 1611 Turf Power Equipment AGNR LD
AGRM 1620, 1621 Irrigation Systems PLSC LD  
AGRM 2010, 2011 Pests and Pesticides PLSC LD  
AGRM 2130, 2131 Animal Nutrition and Feeding PLSC LD  
AGRM 2140, 2141 Farm An Hlth/Mgmt Pract ANSC 280 Farm An Mgmt Prac
AGRM 2210, 2211 Greenhouse Crop Production PLSC LD  
AGRM 2310, 2311 Greenhouse Management PLSC LD
AGRM 2360, 2361 Elements of Floral Design PLSC LD  
AGRM 2410, 2411 Residential Landscape Design PLSC 280 Fundamentals of Landscape Design
AGRM 2420, 2421 Landscape Design & Operations PLSC LD  
AGRM 2440, 2441 Lawn & Landscape Maintenance PLSC LD
AGRM 2460, 2461 Turfgrass Management PLSC 240 & 241  
AGRM 2470, 2471 Profess Turfgrass Management PLSC LD
AGRM 2480, 2481 Golf Course Organizat and Maint PLSC LD  
AGRM 2520 Farm Management AREC LD Credit
AGRM 2630, 2631 Agric Microcomputer Applicat AGNR 290 Microcomp Appl Prob Solv  
AGRM 2910 Coop Seminar No Credit
AGRM 2990 Individual Problem Study Agriculture & Natural Sciences LD Credit  

ART 1000 Intro to Arts No Credit  
ARTP 1010 Drawing I ARTA 211 Drawing I  
ARTP 1020 Drawing II ARTA LD  
ART 1030 Art Appreciation ART LD  
ARTP 1110 Two Dimensional Design ART 101 Introduction to Studio Art  
ART 1120 Basic Design II ART LD  
ARTP 1120 Three Dimensional Design ART 103 Introduction to Studio Art II  
ART 1510 Computer Animation I ARTD LD  
ART 1520 Computer Animation II ARTD LD  
ART 1810 School Art ARED LD  
ARTH 2010 Survey of Art History I ARTH 172 Western Art Arts & Humanities
ARTH 2020 Survey of Art History II ARTH 173 Western Art Arts & Humanities
ART 2110 Studio for Non-Art Majors No Credit  
ARTP 2210 Photography I ARTA 231 Photography I  
ARTP 2220 Photography II ARTA LD  
ARTP 2410 Ceramics I ARTB 221 Ceramic Sculpture  
ARTP 2420 Ceramics II ARTB 222 Beginning Pottery  
ARTP 2510 Painting I ARTA 213 Painting I  
ARTP 2520 Painting II ARTA LD  
ARTP 2610 Sculpture I ARTB 241 Sculpture I  
ARTP 2620 Sculpture II ARTB LD  
ARTP 2710 Printmaking I ARTA 264 Screen Printing  
ARTP 2720 Printmaking II ARTA 262 Intaglio I  
ART 2990 Art Problems ART LD  

ASTR 1030, 1031 Astronomy ASTR 151 A Journey through the Solar System with lab Natural Sciences

AVIATION (AVIA) (All Courses - No Credit)

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BANKING (BANK) (All Courses - No Credit)

BIOL 1010, 1011 Introduction Biology I BIOL LD  
BIOL 1020, 1021 Introduction Biology II BIOL LD (Complete BIOL 1010-1011 & BIOL 1020-1021, then credit for BIOL 101-102) Natural Sciences
BIOL 1030, 1031 Concepts of Biology & Lab BIOL 101 Introduction to Biology I (If only one complete then LD Credit) Natural Sciences
BIOL 1110, 1111 General Biology I BIOL 160 Cellular & Molecular Biology (Complete both BIOL 1110 & 1111 for BIOL 160) Natural Sciences
BIOL 1120, 1121 General Biology II BIOL 150 Organismal and Ecological Biology (Complete both BIOL 1120-1121 for BIOL 150)
*(Complete BIOL 1110-1111 & BIOL 1120-1121, then credit for BIOL 160, 150, & 159)
Natural Sciences
BIOL 2010 Hum Anat & Physiology I and BIOL 2011 Hum Anat & Physiology I Lab BCMB LD  
BIOL 2020 Hum Anat & Physiology II and BIOL 2021 Hum Anat & Physiology II Lab EEB LD (If 2010, 2011, 2020 & 2021 are taken, BCMB 230 & EEB 240)  
BIOL 2210, 2211 General Botany & Lab BIOL 112 General Botany II (If only 2210 is taken, then LD Credit) Natural Sciences
BIOL 2230, 2231 Intro to Microbiology and Lab MICR 210 Allied Health Microbiology Natural Sciences
BIOL 2530, 2531 Food Microbiology and Lab FDST LD  
BIOL 2610, 2611 Genetics & Lab BIOL 240 General Genetics (If only one complete then LD Credit)  
BIOL 2910 Independent Study BIOL LD  

BUSN 1305 Intro to Business BUAD LD  
BUSN 1310 Business Communications No Credit  
BUSN 1360 Software Applications BUAD LD  
BUSN 1370 Spreadsheet Applications BUAD 242 Business Software Applications  
BUSN 2010 Business Functions BUAD LD  
BUSN 2330 Principles of Management (Former course: MGMT 2300-Intro to Business Management AND BUSN 2110-The Business Environment) MGT 201 Introduction to Business Management    
BUSN 2370 Legal Environment of Business (Former course: BUSN 2510) BULW LD  
BUSN 2380 Principles of Marketing MARK LD  
BUSN 2390 Business Presentations ENGL 295 Business & Technical Writing Communicating Through Writing
(All Remaining Courses) No Credit  

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CHEM 1000, 1001 Basic Chemistry & Lab CHEM 100 Prin of Chemistry Natural Sciences
CHEM 1010, 1011 Intro Chemistry & Lab CHEM 100 Prin of Chemistry Natural Sciences
CHEM 1020, 1021 Organic & Biochem & Lab CHEM 110 Intro Organic & Biochemistry Natural Sciences
CHEM 1030, 1031 Concepts of Chemistry & Lab CHEM 150 Chemistry and Society or CHEM 160 Chemistry and the Home  
CHEM 1110, 1111 General Chemistry I & Lab CHEM 120 General Chemistry Natural Sciences
CHEM 1120, 1121 General Chemistry II & Lab CHEM 130 General Chemistry Natural Sciences
CHEM 2010 Organic Chemistry I CHEM 350 Organic Chemistry I  
CHEM 2020 Organic Chemistry II CHEM 360 Organic Chemistry II  
CHEM 2011, 2021 Organic Chemistry I, II Lab CHEM 369 Organic Chemistry Lab (Chemistry LD Credit if only one complete)  
CHEM 2910 Independent Study No Credit  


COMM 1010 Introduction to Mass Communications JREM 175 Principles and History of JREM  
COMM 1020 Media Writing JREM LD  
COMM 2020 Television Production JREM LD  
COMM 2030 Reporting JREM LD  
COMM 2600 Survey of Broadcasting JREM LD  

CPSC 1115 MS Word, CPSC 1240 Micro Bus Appl & CPSC 1290, 1291 Powerpoint BUAD LD  
CPSC 1240 Microcomputer Bus Appl No Credit  
CPSC 2170, 2171 Computer Programming EF LD  
CPSC 2770, 2771 Data Base Mgmt System COSC LD  
(All Remaining Courses) No Credit  

CISP 1010 Computer Science I COSC 102 Introduction to Computer Science Quantitative Reasoning
CISP 1020 Computer Science II COSC 140 Data Structure and Algorithms I  
CISP 1230 Intro to Programming No Credit  
CISP 1610 Programming in C++ No Credit  
CISP 2410 Assembly & Computer Organization COSC LD  

CRFT 2410 Blowglass I No Credit  

All Courses SOCI LD  

CULINARY ARTS (CULN) (All Courses - No Credit)

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All Courses PYED LD  


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ECED 1010 Introduction to Early Childhood Education CFS LD  
ECED 2010 Safe, Healthy Learning Environments CFS LD  
ECED 2015 Early Childhood Curriculum CFS LD  
ECED 2020 Infant, Toddler, Child Development CFS LD  
ECED 2030 Infant, Toddler Care CFS LD (If 2020 & 2030 are taken, CFS 211)  
ECED 2040 Family Dynamics & Community Involvement CFS LD  
ECED 2060 Development of Exceptional Children CFS LD  
ECED 2070 Developmental Assessment CFS LD  
ECED 2080 Language & Literacy in Early Childhood CFS LD  
ECED 2085 Math & Science in Early Childhood CFS LD  
ECED 2090 Creative Development CFS LD  
ECED 2100 CFS LD  
ECED 2120 Admin of Child Care Centers CFS LD  
All Remaining Courses No Credit  

ECON 2010 Macroeconomics ECON LD  
ECON 2020 Microeconomics ECON LD (if both 2010/2020=201) Social Sciences
ECON 2110 Prin of Economics I ECON LD Social Sciences
ECON 2120 Prin of Economics II ECON LD  
ECON 2210 Business Statistics I STAT 201 Intro to Statistics Quantitative Reasoning
ECON 2220 Business Statistics II STAT LD  
ECON 2310 Monetary Economics ECON LD  
ECON 2410 Managerial Economics No Credit  

EDUC 1010 Freshman Experience FYS 101 First-Year Studies  
EDUC 1030 The College Experience FYS LD The College Experience  
EDUC 2010 Psych of Hum Dev for Tch EDPY 210 Psychoeducational Issues in Human Development  
EDUC 2100 Orient Profess Education No Credit  
EDUC 2110 Career Plan for the 21st Century CECP 205 Student Development  
EDUC 2300 Foundations of Education No Credit  
EDUC 2810 Hon Sem: Leadership Dev UNHO LD  
EDUC 2910 Field Study in Education EDUC LD  
EDUC 2990 Problems in Education No Credit  
EDUC 2990 Legislative Internship POLS LD (3 hours only)  


ENGR 2110 Statics ME 202 Engineering Mechanics  
ENGR 2120 Dynamics ME 231 Dynamics  

ETDD 1010, 1011 Engineering Graphics I EF LD  
ETDD 1015, 1016 Pre-Engineering Graphics EF LD  
(All Remaining Courses) No Credit  


ENGL 1010 Composition I ENGL 101 English Composition I Communicating through Writing
ENGL 1010 Honors English Comp I ENGL 118 Honors English Composition Communicating through Writing
ENGL 1020 Composition II ENGL 102 English Composition II Communicating through Writing
ENGL 1020 Honors English Comp II ENGL 102 English Composition II Communicating through Writing
ENGL 1111 Writing Lab ENGL 103 Writing Workshop I  
LANG 1111 Language Laboratory I No Credit  
LANG 1211 Language Laboratory II No Credit  
ENGL 2110 American Literature I ENGL 231 American Literature I: Colonial Era to the Civil War Arts & Humanities
ENGL 2120 American Literature II ENGL 232 American Literature II: Civil War to the Present Arts & Humanities
ENGL 2210 British Literature I ENGL LD  
ENGL 2220 British Literature II ENGL 202 British Literature II: Wordsworth to the Present (If ENGL 2210 & ENGL 2220 completed, then credit for ENGL 201 and ENGL 202) Arts & Humanities
ENGL 2230 Literature for Children ENGL LD  
ENGL 2310 Technical Writing ENGL LD  
ENGL 2400 Appalachian Literature ENGL LD  
ENGL 2410 Western World Lit I ENGL 221 Lit of Western World I: Ancient, Medieval, & Renaissance Arts & Humanities
ENGL 2420 Western World Lit II ENGL 222 Lit of Western World II: Enlightenment, Romantic, & Modern Arts & Humanities
ENGL 2510 Folklore ENGL LD  
ENGL 2810 Creative Writing I ENGL LD  
ENGL 2820 Creative Writing II ENGL LD  
ENGL 2990 English Problems No Credit  

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FREN 1010, 1020 Beginning French I, II FREN 111, 112 Elementary French I, II  
FREN 2010, 2020 Intermediate French I, II FREN 211, 212 Intermediate French I, II Cultures & Civilizations

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GEOG 1000 Area Studies No Credit  
GEOG 1030 Cultural Geography GEOG 121 Human Geography: People and Places Social Sciences
GEOG 2010 World Regional Geography GEOG 101 World Geography Social Sciences
GEOG 2990 Projects in Geography GEOG LD  

GEOL 1030, 1031 Geology GEOL 101 The Dynamic Earth Natural Sciences

GERM 1010 Beginning German I GERM 111 Elementary German I  
GERM 1020 Beginning German II GERM 112 Elementary German II  
GERM 2010 Intermediate German I GERM 211 Intermediate German I Cultures & Civilizations
GERM 2020 Intermediate German II GERM 212 Intermediate German II Cultures & Civilizations

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HAZM 1010 Hazardous Materials I, II No Credit  
HAZM 1020 Hazardous Materials III, IV, V No Credit  

HLTH 2010 Nutrition NUTR 100 Introduction Nutrition Natural Sciences
HLTH 2210 Personal Health No Credit  
HLTH 2220 Human Sexuality CFS LD  
HLTH 2310 Safety & First Aid No Credit  


HIST 1000 Intro to US History No Credit  
HIST 1110 Survey of World Civil I HIST 261 A History of World Civ I Cultures & Civilizations
HIST 1120 Survey of World Civil II HIST 262 A History of World Civ II Cultures & Civilizations
HIST 2010, 2020 American History I, II HIST 221, 222 History of the US  
HIST 2030 Tennessee History HIST LD  
HIST 2100 Intro Women's Studies WOST 220 Women in Society  
HIST 2118, 2128 Honors American History I, II HIST 227, 228 Honors: History of the US  
HIST 2200 Women in Society WOST 220 Women In Society  
HIST 2990 Problems in History HIST LD  


HUM 1030 Intro to Film Appreciation CNST LD  
HUM 2010 Humanities: The Human Adventure I Humanities LD Credit  
HUM 2020 Intro to African-Amer Studies I AFST 201 Intro African-Amer Stu Social Sciences
HUM 2030 Intro to African-Amer Studies II AFST 202 Intro African-Amer Stu Social Sciences
HUM 2100 Intro to Women's Studies WOST LD  
HUM 2110 Humanities: The Human Adventure II Humanities LD Credit  
HUM 2150 Women in Literature WOST 210 Imag Women in Lit: Biography & Autobiography or 215 Imag Women in Lit: Fiction, Poetry, Drama  
HUM 2200 Women in Society WOST 220 Women in Society  
HUM 2500 Intro to Great Books Humanities LD Credit  
HUM 2900 Prob & Topics in Cultural Studies Humanities LD Credit  
HUM 2990 Spec Prob in Humanities Humanities LD Credit  

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ITDD 1010, 1011 Engineering Graphics I EF LD  
ITDD 1015, 1016 Pre-Engineering Graphics EF LD  
(All Remaining Courses) No Credit  


INFS 1010 Computer Applications BUAD LD  


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LANGUAGE (Also under English)
LANG 1111 Language Laboratory I No Credit  
LANG 1211 Language Laboratory II No Credit  

LEGAL ASSISTANT (LAW) (All Courses - No Credit)

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MGMT 1100 Business Computer Appl BUAD LD  
MGMT 1110 Electronic Spreadsheet and Database Application AGNR 290    
MGMT 2590 Business Presentations ENGL 295 Business & Technical Writing Communicating Through Writing

MKTG 1010 Marketing Management No Credit  

MATH 1410 Number Concepts and Algebraic Structure MATH LD  
MATH 1420 Problem Solving, Geometry & Logic MATH 202 Probability, Statistics, and Euclidean Geometry  
MATH 1530 Probability and Statistics MATH 115 Statistical Reasoning Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 1630 Finite Mathematics MATH 123 Finite Math Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 1710 Pre-Calculus (Algebra) MATH 119 College Algebra  
MATH 1720 Pre-Calculus (Trigonometry) MATH LD Credit (If both Math 1710 & 1720 completed, then credit for MATH 130, Precalculus I)  
MATH 1830 Calculus A MATH 125 Basic Calculus Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 1910 Calculus I w/ Computer Proj MATH 141 Calculus I Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 1920 Calculus II w/ Computer Proj MATH 142 Calculus II Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 2010 Linear Algebra MATH 251 Matrix Algebra I  
MATH 2050 Probability & Stat Appl STAT 201 Intro to Statistics Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 2110 Calculus III w/ Computer Proj MATH 241 Calculus III  
MATH 2120 Differential Equations MATH 231 Differential Equations  
MATH 2910 Readings in Math MATH LD Credit  

MEDICAL CODING (MDCD) (All Courses - No Credit)

MILS 1030 Bushcraft Skills MLSL LD  
MILS 1040 Military History of the US MLSL 201 Innovative Team Leadership  
MILS 2010 Leadership & Management I MLSL 102 Intro to Tactical Leadership  
MILS 2020 Leadership & Management II MLSL LD  

MUS 1000 Intro to the Arts No Credit  
MUS 1020 Fundamentals/Music MUTH 100 Fundamentals of Music  
MUS 1030 Music Appreciation MUCO 110 Intro Music West Cult Arts & Humanities
MUS 1040, 1045 Ear Training I, II MUTH LD  
MUS 1050 Concert Choir MUEN LD  
MUS 1060 College-Comm Chorale MUEN LD  
MUS 1070 Survey Popular Music:Country Music I MUCO LD  
MUS 1090 Jazz Band MUEN LD  
MUS 1110 Theory I MUTH LD  
MUS 1120 Theory II MUTH LD  
MUS 1510 Class Voice I MUVC 110 Class Voice I  
MUS 1520 Class Voice II Mus Voice 120 Class Voice II No longer offered  
MUS 1610 Class Piano I MUKB 110 Class Piano I & Mus Kbd 120 Class Piano II  
MUS 1620 Class Piano II MUKB 210 Class Piano III & Mus Kbd 220 Class Piano IV  
MUS 1710, 1720 Comm Vocal Styles I, II MUVC LD  
MUS 1730 Choral Studies MUEN LD  
MUS 1740 Country Music I:Business MUSC LD  
MUS 1810 Class Guitar I MUPF LD  
MUS 1820 Class Guitar II MUPF LD  
MUS 1912 Indiv Instruct Voice MUPF LD  
MUS 1922 Indiv Instruct Keyboard MUPF LD  
MUS 1932 Indiv Instruct Instru MUPF LD  
MUS 1933 Indiv Instruct Guitar MUPF LD  
MUS 1934 Indiv Instruct Woodwind MUPF LD  
MUS 1935 Indiv Instruct Brass MUPF LD  
MUS 1936 Indiv Instruct Percussion MUPF LD  
MUS 1937 Indiv Instruct Strings MUPF LD  
MUS 2010/2020 Advanced Ear Training I & II Mus LD Credit  
MUS 2090 Col-Commun Symphonic Band MUEN LD  
MUS 2110 Advanced Theory I MUTH LD  
MUS 2120 Advanced Theory II MUTH LD  
MUS 2990 Music Problems Music LD Credit  

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NURS 1100 Nursing Concepts and Processes NURS LD  
NURS 1130 Pharmacology NURS LD  
NURS 1150 Nursing Skills NURS LD  
NURS 1160/1161 Introduction to Nursing Process NURS LD  
NURS 2600/2601 Nursing Process I NURS LD  
NURS 2610/2611 Nursing Process II NURS LD  
NURS 2620/2621 Nursing Process III NURS LD  
NURS 2630/2631 Nursing Process IV NURS LD  

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PHIL 1030 Human Nature & Life PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy Arts & Humanities
PHIL 1060 Readings in Philosophy PHIL LD  
PHIL 1110 Elementary Logic PHIL 235 Formal Logic Quantitative Reasoning
PHIL 1600 Issues In Philosophy PHIL 200 Special Topics  
PHIL 2020 Self & Values PHIL LD  
PHIL 2210 Religions & Cultures REST 101 World Religions Cultures & Civilizations
PHIL 2400 Intro to Ethics PHIL 252 Contemporary Moral Issues Arts & Humanities; Communicating through Writing
PHIL 2440 Bioethics PHIL LD  
PHIL 2640 Science and the Modern World PHIL LD  

PHED 1010 Physical Conditioning PYED 224 Physical Fitness: Conditioning  
PHED 1020 Adaptive PE I PYED LD  
PHED 1030 Adaptive PE II PYED LD  
PHED 1110 Archery PYED LD  
PHED 1137 PYED 231 Physical Fitness: Walking  
PHED 1140 Fitness for Life PYED LD Fitness for Life  
PHED 1210 Badminton PYED 202 Badminton  
PHED 1220 Racquetball PYED 232 Racquetball  
PHED 1250 Tennis PYED 244 Tennis  
PHED 1350 Softball PYED 236 Softball  
PHED 1410 Bowling PYED 206 Bowling  
PHED 1510 Contemporary Dance PYED 235 Social Dance  
PHED 1520 Exerdance PYED 225 Physical Fitness: Exercise to Music  
PHED 1610 Golf PYED 211 Golf  
PHED 1710 Soccer PYED 234 Soccer  
PHED 1720 Weight Training PYED 252 Weight Training  
PHED 1730 Volleyball PYED 251 Volleyball  
PHED 1810 Karate PYED LD  
PHED 1910 Aquatics PYED 239 Beginning Swimming  
PHED 1920 Water Exercise PYED 230 Physical Fitness: Swimming  
PHED 1930 Snow Skiing PYED LD  
PHED 2000 Personal Wellness PYED LD Personal Wellness  
PHED 2010 Intro to HPER PYED LD  
PHED 2070 Sports Officiating PYED 200 Special Topics  
PHED 2110 Human Motor Behavior PYED LD  
PHED 2310 Sport & Phy Act in Amer Soc PYED LD  
PHED 2320 Care & Treatment of Ath Injur PYED LD  
PHED 2810 Skills & Teach Elem Act & Mov Ed PYED LD  
PHED 2990 Prin Health, Phys Ed & Rec PYED LD  
PHED 2990 Ballroom Dancing PYED LD  


ASTR 1030, 1031 Astronomy ASTR 161 Introductory Astronomy w/Lab Natural Sciences
GEOL 1030, 1031 Geology GEOL 101 The Dynamic Earth Natural Sciences
PSCI 1010, 1011 Physical Science I PHYS LD  
PSCI 1020, 1021 Physical Science II PHYS LD  
PSCI 1030, 1031 Concepts of Earth and Space Science PHYS LD  
PHYS 1130 Conceptual Physics PHYS LD  
PHYS 2010, 2011 General Physics I & Lab PHYS 221 Elements of Physics Natural Sciences
PHYS 2020, 2021 General Physics II & Lab PHYS 222 Elements of Physics Natural Sciences
PHYS 2110, 2111 Physics I & Lab PHYS 135 Intro to Physics I Natural Sciences
PHYS 2120, 2121 Physics II & Lab PHYS 136 Intro to Physics II Natural Sciences
PHYS 2910 Independent Study PHYS LD  

POLS 1030 American Government POLS 101 US Govt & Politics Social Sciences
POLS 2100 Intro to Political Science POLS 102 Intro to Political Science Social Sciences
POLS 2900 Probs & Topics in Cultural Studies POLS LD  
POLS 2990 Problems in Political Science POLS LD  

PSYC 1030 General Psychology PSYC 110 General Psychology Social Sciences
PSYC 2130 Life Span Psychology CFS 210 Human Development Social Sciences
(All Remaining Courses) PSYC LD  

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READ 1010 Speed Reading for College No Credit  
READ 2990 Special Problems in Reading No Credit  

REAL ESTATE (RELS) (All Courses - No Credit)
RESPIRATORY CARE (RCT) (All Courses - No Credit)

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SWRK 2010 Introduction to Social Work SOWK 200 Introduction to SOWK  

SOCI 1010 Introduction to Sociology SOCI 120 General Sociology Social Sciences
SOCI 1020 Social Problems SOCI 110 Social Justice and Social Change Social Sciences
SOCI 1240 Intro to Cultural Anthropology ANTH 130 Cultural Anthropology Social Sciences
SOCI 1280 Prehistoric Archaeology ANTH 120 Prehistoric Archaeology  
SOCI 2005 Cult Stu: Afro-Amer Exper I AFST 201 Intro African-Amer Stu  
SOCI 2006 Cult Stu: Afro-Amer Exper II AFST 202 Intro African-Amer Stu  
SOCI 2010 Marriage and Family SOCI LD  
SOCI 2210 Sociology of Citizenship SOCI LD  
SOCI 2220 Honors Seminar: Individ & Society SOCI LD  
SOCI 2900 Prob & Topics Cultural Studies SOCI LD  
SOCI 2990 Problems In Sociology SOCI LD  

SPAN 1000, 1001 Beg Conversational Spanish No Credit  
SPAN 1005 Spanish Comm Hsptly Industry No Credit  
SPAN 1010, 1020 Beginning Spanish SPAN 111, 112 Elementary Spanish  
SPAN 2010, 2020 Intermediate Spanish SPAN 211, 212 Intermediate Spanish Cultures & Civilizations
SPAN 2900 Prob & Topics Spanish Studies SPAN LD  

SPCH 1010 Fundamentals of Speech Communication CMST 210 Public Speaking Communicating Orally
SPCH 1210 Voice & Physical Prep THEA LD  
SPCH 2000 Forensics CMST LD  
SPCH 2020 Adv Speech Comm CMST LD  
SPCH 2030 Debate CMST LD  
SPCH 2040 Interpersonal Comm CMST LD  
SPCH 2440 Oral Interpretation CMST LD  
SPCH 2900 Cont Topics Speech Comm CMST LD  

SPED 2010 Intro to Special Education EI LD  
SPED 2210 Sign Language I EI LD  
SPED 2220 Sign Language II EI LD  

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THEA 1030 Intro to Theatre THEA 100 Introduction to Theatre Arts & Humanities
THEA 1200 Audition Techniques THEA LD  
THEA 1210 Voice & Phys Prep THEA LD  
THEA 2410 Acting I THEA 220 Acting  
THEA 2430 Stagecraft THEA LD  
THEA 2440 Oral Interpretation CMST LD  
THEA 2450 Acting II THEA 221 Acting II  
THEA 2500 Major Production No Credit  
THEA 2990 Theatre Problems No Credit